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  products to create simple, healthy meals with a gourmet twist!

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Using our passion for good food, local produce and innovation to create each and every product, we aim to make your Pure Greed food experience exciting, delicious and ultimately memorable so that... you will discover how good life can be!


Our philosophy is simple we like to cook the kinds of food that people like to eat, using quality local ingredients.


We love working with the seasons, sourcing ingredients and building up relationships with local growers to maintain a consistently good product. Each product is made from the freshest ingredients, organically grown where possible, and lovingly prepared then bottled to capture an unforgettable taste sensation.


The diversity of our product range reflects the seasonality of produce available. Our food style is influenced by the flavours of Asia and the Mediterranean and we draw inspiration from Asian, Indian, Italian, Spanish, Moroccan and Middle Eastern cuisines, to develop our products.


All products are hand-made in small batches in our production kitchen, and the recipes are developed by Rosalie Coffey, the executive food producer. We are continually developing new products and expanding our product range and have just released three exciting new products - a coriander peanut pesto, salt pepper blend and fresh lemon curd. 

   pure greed ...discover how good life can be!

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Rosalie and Peter Coffey, had long shared a passion for good food and wine, so it came as no surprise when they created their pure greed product range, in 1991.


Pure Greed had its origins in a small farm kitchen in the country town of Hillsborough, NSW in 1991. It all began with their special Olive Tappé recipe, which is guaranteed to bring out the greedy pig in anyone! It was while they were working in cellar door at a local winery that Rosalie and Peter Coffey, concocted this gourmet treat for wine lovers. They started selling small amounts and soon wine visitors who’d returned to their homes and experienced pangs of desire for the product began demanding that they be able to buy the products closer to home.  


 “We were in the unique position of being able to offer the tappés to customers at the winery and get immediate feedback. When the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ got louder, we thought we were really onto something and we’d better get serious,” Rosalie said. So Pure Greed wasn’t really planned it happened due to the ‘oh’ ‘ah’ ‘wow’ factor.


Since all the cooking was done in a small farm kitchen, things soon became a little crowded, to say the least. In 1992, they were lucky to find a fantastic disused mobile kitchen which they had transported to the farm property. Pure Greed then started in its first commercial kitchen.


The new kitchen provided them with the opportunity to develop many new products from the vegetables and herbs they grew on their farm, taking great care to capture the freshness of the natural ingredients by balancing the flavourings so that they enhanced the flavour and texture of the products, not dominated them.


It was time to develop a brand and a logo. Pure Greed was the obvious name for the product and the contented pig feasting on the fruits of his labour, the perfect model for the logo. Rosalie dreamt up the brand name, the inspiration coming from their uncontrollable desire to indulge in these great tasting foods and Peter’s clever graphic design skills helped create the Pure Greed pig logo. Their catch phrase being … discover how good life can be!


It was all go - they started selling small amounts to a few specialist delis and cafes, but the news spread and before they knew it people all over the Hunter Valley, Newcastle and Sydney were enjoying them.


Inevitably the farm kitchen proved too small for their growing business and imminent new food laws required them to upgrade to a HACCP approved kitchen, so they opted for a "Sea-Change". In 2001, they moved to the coastal paradise of Smiths Lake, on the Mid North Coast of NSW and built a fabulous new commercial kitchen onto their new home.


They now source their main ingredients from a network of Mid North Coast growers and are very focused on building up relationships with the local growers, so that they can work together as the demand increases and the range widens.


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