| pure greed | ::char-grilled beef fillet with swiss brown mushrooms and caramelised onion::

char grilled beef fillet with swiss brown mushrooms & caramelised onion 



4 x 200g beef scotch fillets

Season the steaks with salt & pepper, splash with olive oil & grill on the bbq to your liking. Rest the steaks. Pan-fry mushrooms gently in a little olive oil. Set aside. To plate up add a large spoon of mashed potato in the centre of the plate, arrange mushrooms around the mashed potato, place the grilled beef  fillet atop the mashed potato, then top with caramelised onion and garnish with rocket leaves. Fill your glasses with Pinot Noir...and discover how good life can be!

                            serves 4


freshly ground black pepper

16 swiss brown mushrooms, sliced

2 tsp olive oil

1 qty creamy mashed potato*

180g pure greed caramelised onion

200g baby rocket leaves