| pure greed | ::pan-seared whiting with crisp kiflers & basil pesto::

pan-seared whiting with crisp kiflers & basil pesto                                                



600g cherry tomato salsa

Plate garnish - place drops of pesto on the plate on positions 3 - 6 - 9 - 12 o'clock. Cook and drain kifler potatoes, build a tower with a double cross system. Place the cooked whiting on top making sure that all colour is showing. Loosely place the salsa over the top making sure that all colour is showing.  

serves 4

600g whiting fillets

80g pure greed basil pesto

ingredients for the whiting: 


600g fresh whiting fillets

Clean and remove fillet from the fish. (or ask your fishmonger to   do this) Roll in seasoned flour. Heat pan until oil is at ribbon stage, with minimum oil to prevent the fish from sticking. Once cooked on one side, about 10-15 seconds, carefully flip over and cook the other side. Place on paper towel to remove any unwanted oil. 

seasoned flour

vegetable oil

ingredients for the potatoes: 


350g kiflers potatoes

Wash potatoes and slice them long ways about 3mm thick. Deep  fry them and twist them as they cook. Lift them at  the ½ way  stage and let them sit, drop them again after resting for 30 seconds and some of the potato will puff up into a pillow. Lift once cooked and let drain. Place in a bowl and season with salt & pepper.

2 litres vegetable oil

ingredients for the salsa: 


50g kalamata olives, pitted

Olives - cut some in ½, some into ¼'s and leave some whole. Red onion - top and tail onion cut into half long ways. Parsley wash it well under cold running water, pick the leaves off, tear some and leave the rest whole. Mix into a small bowl and add olive oil and seasoning to taste.

10g olive oil 

50g red onion 

200g red cherry tomatoes 

200g yellow cherry tomatoes 

100g continental parsley

Note: This recipe is courtesy of Shawn Sheather from Moby’s Restaurant, Boomerang Beach. It was demonstrated by Shaun at the January 2006 Great Lakes Great Produce Farmers Market.