| pure greed | ::zaatar crusted chicken on bittergreens with kasaundi yoghurt dressing::

za’atar crusted chicken on bittergreens with kasaundi yoghurt dressing



40g za'artar spice blend*

Rub chicken tenderloins in za’artar spice blend and season. Sauté in butter until sealed and finish in oven. Wash salad then drain mix. Mix kasaundi and yoghurt to form dressing, season to taste. Toss salad mix and dressing and arrange on plate, then top with cooked chicken. Finish with a squeeze of lime and an extra dollop of kasaundi and yoghurt on top.

Fill your glasses with Viogner...and discover how good life can be!                                               serves 4

480g chicken tenderloins

salad mix  - (wasabi lettuce, rocket, radicchio, baby English spinach, endive lettuce baby, Spanish onion)

180g pure greed tomato kasaundi

180g natural yoghurt

1 lime 






Note: This recipe is courtesy of Jason Martin from Horizon’s Restaurant, Opal Cove Resort, Coffs Harbour & Pure Greed Products. It was created for the 2006 Mid North Coast Regional Food Tour.